Copaíba Forest Nursery prepares for new expansions

Copaíba Forest Nursery prepares for new expansions

Published On: 17 de January de 2018

The Copaíba Forest Nursery has been producing seedlings of native trees for over 17 years. In these years of history, a lot has changed, from the amount of seedlings produced annually to the production system, which is now more modern.

This year, Verde Novo, a project carried out by Copaíba, which is sponsored by Petrobras, through the Petrobras Socio-environmental Program, is collaborating to expand the production of seedlings at the Viveiro. This is because a large part of the seedlings produced will be donated to landowners in the region, partners in forest restoration.

The Viveiro is structuring itself to expand its capacity and thus meet the demand of this important project. In all, 150,000 tree seedlings will be donated, all to be planted on rural properties in the Peixe and Camanducaia river basins. For this, the Nursery needs more space and new facilities.

Recently, new seedling tables have been installed, and more seedlings can be produced. According to the coordinator of the Verde Novo project, Flávia Balderi, the goal is to produce 400,000 seedlings of 100 species of trees native to the Atlantic Forest. “In addition to supporting forest restoration, the production of seedlings in the Viveiro contributes to the conservation of our region's biodiversity. The high diversity of species produced is essential to guarantee a good result from the forest restoration process. Thus, we have the chance to give back to nature what we took hundreds of years ago”, comments the coordinator.

The Copaíba Forest Nursery is open to visitors. The monitored visits are scheduled at Copaíba's institutional headquarters.


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