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Public policy

Public policy

Through participation in networks, forums, committees, municipal councils and other collegiate bodies, we mobilize the population to defend environmental rights. 

We contributed to the construction of environmental laws, programs, plans and effective proposals for structuring public policies aimed at conservation, restoration and sustainable use of land, with direct benefit to our communities and biodiversity, on which our quality of life depends.

Copaíba plays an important role in regional leadership, acting in the development of socio-environmental public policies in the 19 municipalities of the basins served. It participates in direct actions of collegiate bodies and discussion forums with national and international recognition and carries out specific projects, which aim to improve the socio-environmental quality of the institution's own territory of operation and of the entire Atlantic Forest biome, which originally covers from Piauí to the Rio Grande do Sul. 

with the public power

  • Support in participatory planning for the elaboration of plans aimed at the implementation of municipal environmental policies for sustainability, through:
    • Articulation for the implementation of Payment for Environmental Services (PES) policies and instruments in the municipalities
    • Support for the elaboration and implementation of Municipal Plans for the Conservation and Recovery of the Atlantic Forest (PMMA) with the Climatic Lens
    • Participation in municipal councils on issues related to environmental preservation and restoration
    • Support for the recovery of Permanent Preservation Areas (APP) in public areas
  • Monitoring compliance with environmental commitments in our area of operation, with local, state, executive and legislative governments, and the public prosecutor
  • Accountability for the results of our activities in the municipalities
  • Monitoring of strategies and rules on the Atlantic Forest in the three spheres and powers

with the citizens

  • Promotion of a bridge in communication with city halls and the State
  • Guidance and presentation of opportunities regarding adaptation to current environmental legislation, for forest restoration and nursery beneficiaries, connected with the respective project.
  • Sharing news about public policies for preservation and awareness.
  • Copaíba's actions bring visibility to conservation and recovery guidelines, which improve people's quality of life.

Be a volunteer/volunteer in public policy actions


Positive impacts achieved

Copaíba representatives participate:

  • at the Socorro Environment Council (COMDEMA);
  • the Mogi Guaçu River Basin Committee;
  • in the Piracicaba, Capivari and Jundiaí River Basin Committee (PCJ);
  • in the Unified Management Council of the APAs (Environmental Protection Areas) Piracicaba/Juqueri-Mirim Area II, Cantareira System and Bairro da Usina;
  • the Atlantic Forest NGO Network and the Atlantic Forest Restoration Pact;
  • of the movement for Municipal Plans for the Conservation and Recovery of the Atlantic Forest, where it is mobilizing and supporting the municipalities in its area of operation for the participatory construction of Municipal Plans for the Atlantic Forest, including the assessment of the risks and impacts of Climate Change and possible measures of Adaptation Based on Ecosystems (EbA). Check the portal:

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