The Copaíba Environmentalist Association is a non-profit organization, qualified as a Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (OSCIP), and headquartered in the municipality of Socorro, in the interior of the State of São Paulo.

In 1999, 4 friends noticed the degradation of the Atlantic Forest in the municipality of Socorro-SP and mobilized actions to restore riparian forests. The idea of restoring the Atlantic Forest in the region gained the support of volunteers and other organizations, so the NGO was founded, which over time gained strength, expanded its activities and impact, added members and collaborators.

Today he works in 19 municipalities from the eastern region of the State of São Paulo and southern Minas Gerais. from several integrated actions in the environmental area:

Copaíba was born from an almost naive dream of reforesting the banks of a river. Like a seed planted, the dream grew and today it operates in the reforestation of streams, springs and rivers in several municipalities

We still want to do much more. Although it has become a much larger institution than we dreamed of in 1999, we are still small in the face of the challenge that lies ahead.  

Our Mission is

Conserve and restore the Atlantic Forest of the Peixe and Camanducaia river basins.

Our Values and Principles

  • We value all living beings and believe that man does not have the right to override other forms of life on the planet in a way that jeopardizes their existence and his own;
  • We believe that the biodiversity of each region must be conserved;
  • We believe that all human beings need and have the right to a balanced environment and that, at the same time, they are responsible for achieving this;
  • We believe that it is possible to use natural resources without compromising the future of all species;
  • We believe that responsibility and ethics are fundamental in actions and in the use of resources.

RPPN Copaíba

RPPN Copaíba was born from a joint dream of Copaíba itself and the donors of our current property. The desire to contribute to a better world and nature conservation has made an area of more than 20,000 m² of forest to become an important Conservation Unit for the region.

The entire area of the Reserve was restored by Copaíba and this RPPN is used to encourage new Conservation Units to be created in our region, in addition to already contributing to the awareness of society about the importance of restoration and conservation of the Atlantic Forest, through experiences environmental issues that are carried out at our headquarters.



Gerson Augusto Ribeiro Silveira


Dervino Dermino Santin

Vice president

Celio Rodrigues de Morais


Felicio Jose Sartori


John Gabriel Tannus Giacometti


Tatiana Novaes Oliveira



Consuelo Picarelli Marcolino Dantas

Tax Counselor

Glaucia Siloto Sigolo de Souza

Tax Counselor

Givanildo Santos da Silva

Tax advisor

Rosiane Domingues de Faria

Tax Counselor

Sebastian Raphael Terra

Tax advisor

Copaiba Forest Nursery

Flavia Balderi

Executive Secretary and Nursery Coordinator

Alexandra de Godoy Arantes da Silva


Beatriz da Silva Gomes de Souza


Myriam Aparecida Ferreira


Madalena Aparecida de Oliveira

Nursery / Seed Collector

Elson Mateus Cardozo de Oliveira Moraes

Tractor / Gardener

Debora Cristina Dias de Faria


Ecological Restoration

Ana Paula Balderi

Ecological Restoration Coordinator

Gabriela Loner Furlani

Restoration Technique

Andressa Maria da Rocha Bonfa

Restoration Technique

Marcela Aparecida dos Santos Telles

Restoration Technique

Administrative and Institutional

Monica Carolina de Goes Oliveira

Financial coordinator

Heloisa Miyamoto Rubino Losano

Administrative Assistant

Ligia Lemos Soares de Souza

Communications Coordinator and Responsible for Partnerships

Erika Xavier daSilva

Digital Media Caregiver and Designer

Environmental education

Tatiana Terasin de Lima

Environmental Education Coordinator


Priscilla Mayer Barbosa

Communication Service Provision

Camila Conti

Service Provision in Public Policies