Environmental education

Environmental education

The main objective of Copaíba's Environmental Education program is to reconnect people with nature, raising awareness about the importance of conservation and restoration of ecosystems, especially the Atlantic Forest.

We serve individually and in groups, children, adolescents and adults, whether students from public or private schools, company employees, landowners with potential for restoration or anyone interested in getting to know our .

We carry out experiences in the form of monitored visits, educational planting, workshops, lectures, training, immersions, volunteering and internships. We use our headquarters as an educational space

  • on the trail of the Conservation Unit – RPPN Copaíba;
  • in the structure for the production of seedlings native to the Atlantic Forest of Copaiba Forest Nursery;
  • on the premises of Rural Environmental Sanitation and
  • in the space for the creation of native stingless bees of the Meliponary Copaiba.

How to participate in the Copaíba Environmental Education Program?

  • schedule a monitored visit at Espaço Copaíba and have an EXPERIENCE, bring your students, collaborators, friends or family;
  • Invite our team to attend an event at your school, college, company or any organization we can offer lectures, workshops and courses;
  • Participate in a day of immersion in our work routine;
  • Knife volunteering;
  • make your phase here, we have several sectors that can welcome you;
  • Apply for a partnership to strengthen the scientific development, we support course completion papers, and master's and doctoral research;
  • Share the content published on our social networks;
  • Promote our work through articles and interviews.

Get in touch with the Environmental Education Coordination:

Phone: (19) 9 9953-8382
E-mail: [email protected]

Become a Copaíba volunteer!


Our visit program


Students, companies, partner institutions, tourists and any interested citizen

This program provides visitors with sensitization and awareness-raising experiences about the importance of effective actions for the conservation and restoration of the Atlantic Forest. The VIVENCIAS PROGRAM visits can be made with small groups or even individually.

The visit goes through the institutional headquarters, nursery for the production of native seedlings and the trail of the Private Reserve of Natural Heritage - RPPN Copaíba, a State Conservation Unit. The program is designed to arouse curiosity in visitors about environmental issues linked to their reality and, thus, put them in direct contact with nature.
The groups have the opportunity to learn about the stages of the seedling production process and the forest restoration work. The activities are guided and monitored by the environmental educator responsible for the program.

The experience takes place through two options for guided tours of the Espaço Copaíba presentation:

– VISIT NURSERY (duration of 1h30): visit to the institution's headquarters; visit to the Native Seedling Production Nursery.

– VISIT TRAIL (duration of 1h30): visit to the institution's headquarters; visit the trail of the Private Reserve of Natural Heritage – RPPN Copaíba, a State Conservation Unit.

– Visitors have the opportunity to learn a little more about Copaíba’s work routine and the impacts generated in the region and can choose to carry out both visits – FULL VISIT (duration of 3 hours) – on the same date.

Study of the Environment - Pedagogical Visits

Students from municipal, state and private schools.

The ESTUDO DO MEIO Program offers different activities for pedagogical visits divided by year/grade.
These activities are presented in the form of a LEARNING MENU for schools, and each STUDY OF THE ENVIRONMENT works on skills and abilities according to the BNCC indications.
The pedagogical work includes a “before and after” of the visit with the sending of digital material to the school after confirmation of the visit.
The material includes:
– Text with the purpose of the visit and the contents that will be developed;
– Visit itinerary with general guidelines and schedule;
– Evaluation form.
The visit lasts 2h30 and includes a visit to Copaíba headquarters and a snack break.

Technical visit

Students from colleges, university centers and universities in areas related to the environment, whether undergraduate or graduate.

We share the technical knowledge in the production of native seedlings and forest restoration, accumulated in more than 20 years of experience in these topics.
Visitors can visit the Forest Nursery and also the Private Reserve of Natural Heritage – RPPN Copaíba, a State Conservation Unit. The technical visit is monitored by the biologists responsible for the Copaíba Forest Nursery and Ecological Restoration, who accompany and develop various activities with the participants. Through the visit it is expected to share with students basic notions about forest restoration and production of native tree seedlings.

The visit lasts 4 hours.

Tutored visits

Students from colleges, university centers and universities in areas related to the environment, whether undergraduate or graduate.

The VISITAS TUTORADAS Program was designed for different groups with their own activities that want to associate their content with the purposes of Espaço Copaíba.
Activities such as Immersion day and group experiences of integration, cooperation, strengthening of mission and institutional values can be carried out by schools, companies and groups with the support of our employees and through joint planning.

Proposals for personalized activities can be evaluated by our collaborators. Duration and investment vary depending on the proposal.

Commemorative dates

Interested in environmental issues.

We carry out specific activities on commemorative and thematic dates, both internally and externally, by scheduling and planning.

  • Planting
  • Lecture
  • Workshop

Continuing Training Course

restoration projects

Land owners who carry out Forest Restoration with Copaíba and interested in participating in our projects.

Landowners who are partners in our Verde Novo and Raízes do Mogi projects, who are also interested in the partnership, have the opportunity to visit our headquarters, the Private Natural Heritage Reserve – RPPN Copaíba and the Forest Nursery where the seedlings that will be planted in your terrain.
During the execution of the projects, Copaíba integrates environmental awareness and education actions by guiding land owners and citizens.
We do not have a supervisory role, but we indicate compliance with environmental norms and legislation when we identify any irregularities on the property.

The visit lasts 1 hour and includes a conversation with the Restoration team about the projects and conditions of the partnership.