Raízes do Mogi Guaçu: A Program that aims to restore 480 hectares of land

Raízes do Mogi Guaçu: A Program that aims to restore 480 hectares of land

Published On: 13 de October de 2023

Program created by WWF-Brazil and Sylvamo, with Copaíba as an implementing partner, recovered in 2022, 80 hectares of land, protected the water of 50 springs and planted almost 90 thousand seedlings.

In a joint effort to preserve and restore the Mogi Guaçu River basin, the Program has gained prominence for its successful mission, strengthening springs, streams and rivers, in addition to contributing to improving the region's ecological, social and economic conditions. . 

“Raízes do Mogi Guaçu” is an initiative that began in 2018, through the creation of the organization WWF-Brazil and the company Sylvamo, the support of other companies and the work of implementing partners, such as Copaíba, Grupo Dispersores and Instituto Federal South of Minas Gerais – Núcleo Inconfidentes. 

The first planting carried out by Copaíba, within “Raízes”, took place in December 2019. More than 1,000 native tree seedlings were planted on a property located in the Porto neighborhood, Municipality of Socorro. The goal was to restore a total of 100 hectares of forest by 2022, which was very successful, ending the period with 134 hectares planted.

The Program is now entering its third phase, with the ambition of recovering 480 hectares of land in total by 2026. Copaíba has already planned for this next season 150 hectares of land, distributed among the municipalities of Socorro, Serra Negra, Águas de Lindóia, Itapira and Lindóia in the state of São Paulo, Munhoz and Bueno Brandão in the state of Minas Gerais. Plantings will begin within the next few weeks, with an estimated 80,000 seedlings.


Core Partners


The success of “Raízes do Mogi Guaçu” would not be possible without the support of all partners, who provide the necessary financial resources to produce seedlings, equipment, inputs and carry out restoration activities. Furthermore, the active collaboration of rural landowners who embrace the program is crucial, as they enable restoration on their lands, demonstrating the local commitment to sustainability.

Owner Ellen Fontana is an example of this. For the second time she will participate in Raízes do Mogi Guaçu, on her property in Socorro/SP. “What motivated us was the success of the first stage of the project! Planting a few trees every year is our family’s goal. I also believe it is necessary and fair to support rural producers in the implementation of natural resource conservation projects. Therefore, we cannot miss this partnership opportunity with Copaíba and Raízes anymore!”, comments Ellen.

In Itapira/SP, owner Paola Ventosa was looking for a partnership that could restore the springs on her land. Through his brother's contact with Programa Raízes do Mogi Guaçu and Copaíba's social networks, with whom he started the conversations, his contract has already been signed to start planting this next season. “My biggest motivation was seeing how quickly nature reacts when we preserve it, because in 2014 I fenced and planted around a spring that had dried up and today it is producing again, which is very gratifying”, comments Paola during her signature contract, and goes on to say: “What I want is for nature to increasingly follow its natural course, without the predatory interference of man, producing natural resources essential to our survival as a species. Knowing that water is being produced on my property is a privilege. Gratitude to the Copaíba team for the partnership!”

In a world where nature conservation and climate change mitigation are imperative, “Raízes do Mogi Guaçu” is an inspiring example of how ecological restoration can be a powerful tool to achieve these goals. With the continued support of partners and the dedication of the team, this program will continue to thrive, leaving a lasting legacy of respect for nature and sustainability for future generations.


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