New Green Project celebrates World Forest Day

New Green Project celebrates World Forest Day

Published On: 26 de March de 2019


In celebration of World Forestry Day, Copaíba held an event on March 21 (Thursday), which was attended by more than 100 people, including representatives and authorities from various municipalities in the region, partner landowners, employees, friendly companies and visitors who were at the institution for the first time.

The event was marked with the launch of an unprecedented study carried out in the region – the technical report on the importance of forest fragments for maintaining the functional connectivity of the Peixe and Camanducaia river basins. “This study is part of one of the main actions of the Verde Novo project, the largest project in Copaíba's geographic reach”, comments the coordinator of the Verde Novo project, Flávia Balderi.

The inauguration of the Private Reserve of Natural Heritage – RPPN Copaíba was also part of the celebration of this day. A restored area of 2.3 ha, representing 40% of the institutional property area, was recognized by the Government of the State of São Paulo as a Conservation Unit. This initiative was carried out thanks to the will of the donors of the property, which today is the headquarters of Copaíba. “Two women of determination and generosity who dreamed of dedicating that area to forest conservation. Their dream gained strength with our dream and today we have our forest recognized as a protected area”, emphasizes Ana Paula Balderi, Deputy Executive Secretary at Copaíba.

The event ended with the symbolic planting of a copaiba tree, the same act of “planting a tree” was carried out by other projects sponsored by Petrobras, through the Petrobras Socio-environmental Program, and took place in several regions of the country, reinforcing the importance of forests not only for climate regulation, but also for the maintenance of life on the planet.


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