Population of Socorro demonstrates against allotment in Morro do Cristo

Population of Socorro demonstrates against allotment in Morro do Cristo

Published On: 31 de March de 2016

In celebration of the water week, a group representing the population living and visiting Socorro handed over to the municipal authorities the petition in favor of the conservation of Morro do Cristo.

The lists containing the signatures were delivered to the Mayor, André Bozola, and the Mayor, Lauro Aparecido de Toledo, who promptly received the petition, praising the important popular initiative.

The petition aims to ask the authorities to preserve the landscape formed by the Morro do Cristo and adjacent hills, areas of undeniable scenic beauty and tourist value. The demonstration is against any occupation of these hills, whether by houses, buildings, subdivisions or new streets. The undersigned also asks for the urgent creation, by means of municipal law, of a Conservation Unit, the Morro do Cristo Natural Monument, protecting all its beauty and ecological function.

Due to a proposal to subdivide the hill, the movement, which began in September 2015 by a group of Socorro citizens, has now gained strength from Socorro residents and visitors. More than 2,600 signatures were collected on the documents.

The manifesto against the occupations on the hill is based on studies and surveys carried out by the Secretary of the Environment of the State of São Paulo, which point out the high fragility that this region has in relation to urbanization, presenting a high potential for large earth movements. There is, therefore, the risk of landslides, due to the high slope of the soil, in addition to the risks of contamination of water sources located in the surroundings.

This, associated with the tourist importance and the scenic beauty of the hills, which is the main postcard of the city, makes this subject one of the main priorities for the municipality.

From the delivery of the petition, the more than 2,600 people expect from the municipal authorities actions to conserve this landscape.

For more information on the subject, visit the Save the Morro do Cristo Facebook page (www.facebook.com/Salvem-o-Morro-do-Cristo). To sign the online petition in favor of the conservation of the Morro, click here.

Delivery of the petition to the Mayor, André Bozola and to the Mayor of Socorro, Lauro de Toledo.


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