Mata Atlântica Sisters tell about Copaíba.

Mata Atlântica Sisters tell about Copaíba.

Published On: 23 de June de 2021

Another opportunity through the partnership with WWF-Brasil, the sisters and founders of Associação Ambientalista Copaíba participated in the Página 22 Magazine, which brought the theme 'Restoration', in the June 2021 edition, inviting people who get their hands dirty of restoration, in different biomes and also in urban space.

Landscape-scale ecological restoration is the most effective method, together with natural forest regeneration, for Brazil to achieve its climate goals. And, at the same time, to strengthen biodiversity, on which the quality of human life depends.

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“Restoration simultaneously meets the demands of the three global environmental conferences: Climate Change, Biological Diversity and Desertification”, as Matheus Couto, from the United Nations Environment Program, emphasizes in an interview in the June/2021 edition of Page 22 .

Companies are also expected to contribute to these movements, as they say they are increasingly committed to achieving carbon neutrality.
Individuals can also do their part to plant trees and offset their carbon emissions.

It's time to restore!

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