Body, mind and nature care

Body, mind and nature care

Published On: 29 de October de 2019

The NGO Copaíba has been carrying out the reforestation of degraded areas in the region's municipalities for 20 years and many owners have already benefited by receiving free seedlings native to the Atlantic Forest through the Verde Novo project sponsored by Petrobras through the Petrobras Socio-environmental program. Other institutions also participated in the project, such as the Brahma Kumaris, which has already carried out three large plantations.

The Brahma Kumaris is a worldwide spiritual movement dedicated to personal transformation and world renewal. With 40 years of history, one of the institution's retreats is located in the municipality of Serra Negra, which today has a forest with more than 5,000 native trees, most of which are planted through the Verde Novo project.

Lucina Ferraz, the institution's national coordinator, comments on the changes in the landscape of the site “Before Brahma Kumaris came to the Vila Serra Serena site, it was very degraded. We receive people from different regions and they have no idea what the property was like before the restoration. In addition to courses, lectures and meditation, the institution's flagship, people can hike through the forest and have direct contact with nature”.

The institution is also concerned with the sustainability of the site, in recent years several sustainable practices have been implemented, such as organic garden, composting, garbage separation, organic cesspool and solar energy capture. The purpose of the Brahma Kumaris Center in Serra Negra is to be an example of harmonizing human beings with nature.

For owners who are interested in restoring their properties and receiving native Atlantic Forest seedlings free of charge, they must register through the website see again or for more information contact the number (19) 9 9953-8382.


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