Copaíba receives, as a donation, property to expand its actions in the region

Copaíba receives, as a donation, property to expand its actions in the region

Published On: 28 de July de 2014

Over its nearly fifteen years, Associação Ambientalista Copaíba has worked hard in the southern region of Minas Gerais and the east of the state of São Paulo, restoring devastated areas, producing seedlings of native trees, developing environmental public policy actions and sensitizing thousands of people. , including landowners and students.

Through partnerships with landowners in the region, Copaíba has already planted more than 300 thousand native seedlings distributed in more than 2,000,000 m2 of areas that are being transformed into forests.

In view of this work and the partnerships established, Copaíba conquers the trust, respect and admiration of many people. The owners, Eliane Vaz Guimarães and Eliane Aparecida da Silva, are examples of dedication and support to nature conservation. An enormous desire to contribute to a better world and also to the conservation of nature made the landowners take the initiative to donate their property to Copaíba.

Donors got to know Copaíba through Verde Novo, a project sponsored by Petrobras. In 2011 they sought Copaíba's support to recover the Permanent Preservation Areas (APP) of the property, and that's when the relationship of trust and recognition was born.

Thanks to them, this will be a milestone in the history of the institution. For the first time, the institution receives such a valuable donation, which will bear much fruit. “We were moved and immensely grateful for the grandiose attitude of the donors. From now on, with its own area, Copaíba begins a new phase. Our dream of many years is now a reality. More seedlings will be produced and more areas will be restored”, comments Felicio Sartori, President of Copaíba.

The property, located in the Pedra Branca neighborhood, in Socorro/SP, has enough area for environmental awareness actions, for forest restoration, and also for the production of 1 million native seedlings, goals stipulated by Copaíba's strategic planning since 2012, which can now be achieved.

In addition, a Private Natural Heritage Reserve (RPPN) will be created, which will be used for research and environmental education activities. Copaíba also hopes to contribute and support the owners of the Pedra Branca neighborhood, as it will soon be working with the community.

The donors saw, in this act of donation, the guarantee of continuity and expansion of their own objectives for the property. These objectives began in 2008, when the acquisition was made, with the recovery of the improvements, ecological installation of rainwater collection for irrigation, execution of the first phase of recovery of the existing APPs and rest of the soil for more than 5 years. “Copaíba's Vision is our Vision”, comment the donors.

Copaíba is immensely grateful to the donors, who, with great affection, allocated the property to a noble cause and which will be used to contribute to the institutional mission of recovering forests, conserving water, fauna, flora in the region, and also raising awareness and support landowners in the Peixe and Camanducaia river basins.


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