Copaíba celebrates 23 years in defense of the Atlantic Forest

Copaíba celebrates 23 years in defense of the Atlantic Forest

Published On: 13 de September de 2022

With the mission of conserving and restoring the Atlantic Forest of the Peixe and Camanducaia river basins, Associação Ambientalista Copaíba was founded in 1999 in response to the degradation of the Atlantic Forest and both rivers. Oscip operates in 19 municipalities, developing projects and programs of environmental education, environmental policies, production of seedlings of native trees and forest restoration.

In 2019 it won the Best Environmental NGO Award in Brazil and in 2020 it received the Muriqui Prize, one of the greatest tributes to the country's environmental actions, recognized by UNESCO ercarried out by the Atlantic Forest Biosphere Reserve.

To date, it has produced more than 3.5 million native seedlings at Viveiro Florestal, planted more than 856 thousand seedlings with the implementation of 640 hectares of new forests. 

“In its 23-year history, more than 320 rural landowners have benefited from seedlings, inputs for preparing the areas and technical monitoring for two years after planting on their properties. And now it's time to register interested parties.. QAnyone who wants to improve the quantity and quality of water on the property can look for Copaíba to register and benefit.” comments Lígia Soares, communications coordinator.

“The main reason why properties are registered is the lack of water. Producers register to implement forest restoration in search of recovery of springs, hilltopss and waterways, as they know that to plant forest, he canm bring back or increase the amount of water in springs.

 Supporting rural landowners for the restoration of their properties is something important because they own the land that produces water that benefits everyone, and our region produces part of the water that supplies the metropolitan region of Campinas. Our area of operation is mountainous, top of the basin and it is super important to be preserved because it guarantees water and energy security for economic activities that help to heat up the economy of the State of São Paulo”, explains Lígia.

Forests also bring other essential ecosystem services, such as soil fertility, erosion and silting control, action of pollinators that benefit agricultural production, biodiversity conservation, climate regulation and there are still income alternatives, such as raising native bees without stinger and honey production, for example.

“In 23 years, Copaíba has formed a support team that we want to strengthen more and more. sThey are companies, people and institutions that join efforts and contribute to local actions, that cause positive impacts, beyond the region of the Circuito das Águas Paulista, they cover a global context, contributing to the sequestration of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, fighting the warming of the planet. With the number of seedlings planted in restoration projects, Copaíba sequesters around 150,000 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere”, reinforces the Association's collaborator.

Therefore, by supporting Copaíba, people and companies are collaborating with actions of great positive impact for humanity and the planet, showing that they recognize their responsibility towards the environment and society.

With great seriousness, focus, dedication and professionalism, Copaíba works to always achieve the best results and has already won recognition. Very attentive to its management, it prepared a strategic plan that designed its vision to guide the activities of the next 5 years: to be known and strongly active in its area of operation and geographical coverage. With sufficient resources and committed people, conserving biodiversity and offering sustainable solutions to people and companies (national and international), with a center for environmental education and research. Reaching: 800 owners supported; 300 partner companies; 90,000 people assisted in Environmental Education; 200 volunteers; 40 collaborators; 1,500 hectares restored and 3 million seedlings planted.

Congratulations Copaíba, for its 23 years of history, which started as a project and gave rise to an Association recognized and awarded nationally. 

Walk a path of many achievements and a long life!

Interested in participating and making a positive impact on the planet?
Contact us by phone 19 9 9953 8382 or look for Copaíba on social media with the profile @aacopaiba.


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