The importance of trees

The importance of trees

Published On: 25 de October de 2021

Nature provides us with many services and many times we don't even realize the value of it. The fact is that the well-being of the world population and the economy depend on natural capital, on the good functioning of ecosystems, which provide us with several benefits, which influence and combine with economic, ecological and sociological sectors:

What are the benefits of trees?
Food (fruits, roots, animals, honey, vegetables), raw materials for construction and fuel (furniture, houses, rubber) and even clothes, drinking water (quality and quantity), genetic or medicinal resources, among others.

Planting trees is necessary!
Forests influence rainfall, water availability and soil quality, and well-being.

Who likes an umbrella to hide from the sun?

Did you know that urban trees control floods and floods, as they help to infiltrate water into the soil?
… the trees are needed, right?

In addition to producing the oxygen we breathe and increasing the humidity of the air. Lower the temperature. Trees remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and store them in their tissues, helping to regulate climate change and prevent natural disasters.

They can offer physical and mental recreation, tourist enhancement, studies on natural processes, aesthetic appreciation…

The ecosystem services needed for other services to exist, to strengthen the economy.

We are entirely dependent on the ecosystem services of trees. They are essential for the survival of this and future generations, so it is essential that decision-making takes into account the value of a standing tree. That decision-making consider the preservation of environmental services.

Remembering that an environmental service is any initiative, individual or collective, that favors the maintenance, recovery or improvement of ecosystem services.

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