Verde Novo and Petrobras-sponsored projects will plant more than 4,600 seedlings of endangered species across Brazil on Forest Protection Day

Verde Novo and Petrobras-sponsored projects will plant more than 4,600 seedlings of endangered species across Brazil on Forest Protection Day

Published On: 16 de July de 2019

The Verde Novo project, together with 15 other environmental projects, will plant 4,625 seedlings in various regions of the country on the 17th. endangered species, such as the Palmito-Juçara (Euterpe edulis), whose seeds and fruits are food for more than 60 species, including birds and mammals. The planting will be carried out in RPPN Copaíba, a Conservation Unit located in the Pedra Branca neighborhood, in Socorro/SP.

This initiative is part of a collective action, resulting from the integration of projects sponsored by Petrobras, most of them in the Forests and Climate line, sponsored through the Petrobras Socio-environmental Program.

In Brazilian popular culture, the protection of forests is personified in the mystical figure of Curupira, a magical spirit that inhabits the forests and helps to protect them. For this reason, July 17th is the Day for the Protection of Forests and also the Day of Curupira, the “protector of forests”. Therefore, on this date many practical actions are carried out to show the importance of doing something to protect forests.

This action, which will involve children, young people, university students, people with disabilities, traditional communities and indigenous peoples, aims to reinforce the importance of protecting forests not only for climate regulation, but also for the maintenance of life on the planet. The idea is to bring people and nature closer by disseminating knowledge about endangered species, the need to recover and preserve resources for future generations and also the use of plants in various human activities such as food, medicinal use, production of cosmetics, among others.

This action includes a digital campaign on the social networks of the participating projects with the hashtag #florestaseclima and #juntospelomeioambiente.

The Verde Novo Project is carried out by Associação Ambientalista Copaíba and aims to contribute to the restoration and conservation of the Atlantic Forest of the hydrographic basins of the Peixe and Camanducaia rivers, located between the south of Minas Gerais and the east of the State of São Paulo, covering 19 counties. By supporting landowners in the region, more than 260 hectares are being restored through the planting of 400,000 seedlings. Through public policy actions and environmental education, Verde Novo seeks to sensitize both rural producers and students living in the region about the importance of conservation and restoration of the Atlantic Forest.

Find out about the projects involved in this forest protection action below:

SP/PR Agroforestry Project  150 Atlantic forest Juçara palm (mainly), Jatobá, Guanandi, Grumixama, Gabiroba, Cedro, Guapiruvu, Canela-niúva, Ipê-amarelo, Araçá-vermelho. 


AM Sustainable Amazon Project 300 amazon Chestnut, Cocoa, Acai, Cupuaçu, Acerola
LOL Air, Water and Earth Project 500 Atlantic forest araticum, 

Butiá, Cinnamon, Chal-chal, Cocão yerba mate, Guabiroba, Juçara, Pata-de vaca and Pau-Brasil

BA CO2 Mangrove Project 100 Atlantic forest Pau-brasil, Jatoba, Landi Carvalho, Soap dish, Inhaíba, Purple Ipê, Canafístula, Urucum, Jenipapo, Jabuticaba, Angelim, Ingá
EC Eye on the Water Project 715 Caatinga / Mangrove Ecosystem Tabebuia Sp., Rhizophora mangle and Laguncularia racemosa
RJ Guapiaçu Grande Vida Project (GGV) 300 Atlantic forest Garapa, Jequitibá-rosa, 

Pink Cedar, Imbirema,


Juçara palm, Braúna, Pau-brasil, Cambucá,


EC Project in the Climate of the Caatinga 60 Caatinga Ipe, Catingueira, Angico, Carnauba, 

Monkfish, Jatoba, Sabiá

MT Water Pact Project 50 amazon Ipe, Mahogany, Cherry, Chestnut
MT Juruena Carbon Well Project 1500 amazon Chestnut, Ipe, Cedar, Mahogany, Parica
SP Sowing Water Project 50 Atlantic forest Juçara palm, Araucaria, Brazilwood, Bahia rosewood
RO Seeding Sustainability Project 50 amazon Cedar, Cherry, Maracatiara
SP New Green Project 50 Atlantic forest Canjarana, Cedro-rosa, Juçara, Cinnamon, Jequitibá
RO Citizen Nursery Project www.viveirocidadã 150 amazon Andiroba, chestnut and cherry
RJ Uçá Project 500 Atlantic Forest / Mangrove Red Mangrove, White Mangrove and Black Mangrove
ES Uruçu Capixaba Project 150 Atlantic forest Pink Cedar, Bahia Jacaranda, Juçara Palm, Brauna, Brazilwood
TOTAL 15 projects   4,625 seedlings 3 biomes More than 60 species


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