Sale of seedlings native to the Atlantic Forest caters for small to large quantities

Sale of seedlings native to the Atlantic Forest caters for small to large quantities

Published On: 20 de March de 2023

The Atlantic Forest is one of the richest and most biodiverse ecosystems in the world, sheltering a wide variety of species of plants and animals, in addition to being home to 3 out of 4 Brazilians, and representing today only 12.4% of its original territory, of according to data from the Atlantic Forest Atlas. 

The Copaíba Forest Nursery produces tree seedlings of species native to the Atlantic Forest, from seeds collected in fragments of forests in the region of the basins of the Peixe and Camanducaia rivers (SP and MG), species that occur naturally in this biome and are well adapted local conditions of soil, climate and topography. 

Some of the species of seedlings native to the Atlantic Forest that are produced at the Copaíba Forestry Nursery are: the paineira, the white fig tree, the mastic pepper tree, the yellow ipê, the jatobá tree, among more than 160 species, characterized by fruitful, noble species , medicinal, melliferous, fauna attractive, species that help in the conservation of springs, among others. In the nursery, each species collected, fruit or seed, receives a different treatment. Several techniques are used to treat the seeds and leave them ready to be sown, germinate and be ready for planting with approximately 20 to 30 cm in height, well-formed roots and thicker stems.

Around 400 thousand seedlings of trees native to the Atlantic Forest are produced at the Nursery annually, supplying the ecological restoration projects of Copaíba itself and also of partners, contributing to the restoration of degraded areas, the recomposition of riparian forests, the conservation of biodiversity of the region and also the recovery of ecosystem services, such as climate regulation, soil conservation and maintenance of water resources.

What not everyone knows is that Copaíba also sells these seedlings, from small to large quantities to the general public, with collection at the Nursery: Str. Municipality of Pedra Branca s/n, Bairro Visconde do Soutelo/Pedra Branca, or at strategic points in the city of Socorro/SP, by appointment. The price per seedling starts at R$3.50 and the stock of species varies constantly, which can be checked through the link or via Whatsapp: 19 99953 8382.

Acquiring and planting native seedlings, in addition to bringing all the benefits already mentioned above, also contributes to the promotion of sustainable agriculture and the development of economic activities that value local natural resources. It is important that people consider and support the production and planting of these seedlings, contributing to the conservation and restoration of the Atlantic Forest and to the promotion of a more balanced and fair future for all.


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