Secretary of the Environment of the State of São Paulo visits area restored by Copaíba

Secretary of the Environment of the State of São Paulo visits area restored by Copaíba

Published On: 19 de August de 2015

The Copaíba Environmental Association, whose mission is to conserve and restore the Atlantic Forest of the Peixe and Camanducaia river basins, develops several actions to fulfill this objective.

Among the actions, are included forest restoration projects. Of the 17 projects carried out by Copaíba, 13 of them have or had the FEHIDRO (São Paulo State Water Resources Fund) as a source of funding. This resource is managed by the Mogi Guaçu River Basin Committee (CBH-MOGI). To date, through these projects, Copaíba has started the restoration of almost 2,000,000m2 of Atlantic Forest, through the planting of more than 230,000 seedlings of native trees in the Peixe River basin.

As a resource of the State Government, all projects are inspected and inspected by state environmental agencies. In these cases, the Secretary of the Environment of the State of São Paulo, through the Coordination of Biodiversity and Natural Resources (CBRN) is responsible for this, being the technical agent of all projects carried out by Copaíba. In addition to receiving inspections from CBRN, Copaíba reports on the use of this resource periodically. Thus, the projects can only proceed if both the rendering of accounts and the practical actions, inspected through these technical visits, are approved.

In the inspections, aspects that point to the good development of the planted seedlings are taken into account, and an analysis is also made of whether the actions are carried out according to the project schedule. Between May and July, five areas undergoing forest restoration were inspected by CBRN. These areas belong to the projects “Restoration of riparian forests of springs and water courses phases III and IV” referring to contracts Fehidro 092/2011 – MOGI 294 and Fehidro 169/2013 – Mogi 405, Forest Restoration of springs and streams in Bairro do Oratory” referring to contract Fehidro 192/2009 – MOGI 266 and “Forest restoration of springs and tributary streams of the Rio do Peixe” referring to contract Fehidro 186/2015 – MOGI 476.

The next step will now be to wait for the reports issued by CBRN and the release of the portions of the resources that will be available for the execution of the activities, as foreseen in the schedule of these projects.

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