Property of Bueno Brandão has its spring restored through the Verde Novo project

Property of Bueno Brandão has its spring restored through the Verde Novo project

Published On: 6 de November de 2019

Around 4 years ago, many rural producers suffered from severe drought that damaged crops, animals and water sources. Luiz Carlos was one of those landowners affected by the prolonged drought period and sought ways to alleviate the problem and through the Verde Novo project carried out by Copaíba and sponsored by Petrobras through the Petrobras Socio-environmental program, which donates native Atlantic Forest seedlings and provides technical support , Luiz can restore the native forest on the property.

The owner, who has owned the property in Bueno Brandão for 40 years, gave up part of the coffee plantation to plant the trees. Around 1,200 seedlings were planted. “I carried out the planting with the help of an employee. We prepared the area, planted and maintained the seedlings as recommended by the project. The water source was almost drying up and now it is possible to see the improvement, even a new source has appeared”, comments Luiz Carlos.

The last inspection carried out at the end of 2018 by the project's field technician, Mayra Flores, can verify the excellent development of the seedlings. “The restored area on Luiz Carlos' property showed an excellent development according to the restoration indicators. It is gratifying to see all the care taken in maintenance and the owner's commitment to the partnership with the project. It is important to emphasize that the restored areas have great ecological value and generate environmental benefits throughout the surroundings”.

Verde Novo continues to register the owners of Bueno Brandão and the region who are interested in restoring their properties and Luiz Carlos encourages participation: “Restoration is something good for the property, everyone should be aware of the importance and participate”. Do like Luiz and sign up for the project


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