Raízes do Mogi Guaçu Program reaches landowners with Agroforestry production

Raízes do Mogi Guaçu Program reaches landowners with Agroforestry production

Published On: 22 de January de 2021

The Raízes do Mogi Guaçu Program, carried out by Associação Ambientalista Copaíba, the result of a partnership between International Paper and WWF-Brasil, crossed the SP-MG border and reached two areas whose owners work with Agroforestry Systems. These production systems combine agricultural crops with forest and fruit trees in the same area, seeking a more efficient use of natural resources such as soil, water and energy.

For André Jardim, owner of Frutos da Paineira, in Bueno Brandão (MG), the planting of 4,300 seedlings through Raízes do Mogi Guaçu is the hope of recovering the spring that exists on his property. “It is deactivated and there are few trees around. Our objective with reforestation, in addition to recovering the spring, is to bring the forest forward and get closer to agroforestry production”, he says. “We believe that it is possible to plant food integrating nature, without deforesting, and that we are not planting trees, but water. Soon the spring will recover and we will have water on our property”, he emphasized.

On the property of partners Mariana da Mota Medeiros and Paulo de Araújo Cintra Ribeiro, which is located in Monte Sião (MG), the planting of 3,000 seedlings through the program will be essential to maintain the health of the land where coffee is grown together with other species through the agroforestry system.

“Since when we bought the property, we had the desire to reforest the place, but we didn't have the structure. This planting came to further strengthen the preservation of the area where we have a water mine, in addition to giving us the opportunity to carry out a project together with Copaíba, an institution that we have always admired”, says Mariana. The owner also comments on the opportunity to put an educational project into practice: “My idea is to have a space for environmental education focused on restoration”, she adds.

Mariana and André recommend the Raízes do Mogi Guaçu program to neighbors and partners: “We need to bring this mentality of organic and ecologically responsible food production and environmental education to the entire region”, they say. “It's no use if I do everything right on my property and my neighbor uses pesticides that reach my plantation through the wind, or if I do reforestation work and the other deforests and contaminates the water table. It is necessary to carry out this awareness-raising work throughout the neighborhood, and show that it is possible to work in an integrated way with nature. That way, everyone wins”, concludes André.

About the Mogi Guaçu Roots Program

The Raízes do Mogi Guaçu program is the result of a partnership between International Paper, WWF-Brasil and local partners such as Copaíba. Together with the regional owners of the Mogi Guaçu River basin, the program recovers degraded areas in order to increase the water supply of the properties and the region as a whole. The program provides support to the owner in the restoration of the most important areas for conservation and also several benefits that range from the donation of native seedlings, planting inputs, technical support in planting and materials for the fencing of springs, streams and rivers. This is very important, as forests generate several benefits, such as lowering temperatures, attracting bees, habitat for wild animals, increased biodiversity, among others.

Copaíba invites all those interested in recovering their properties to get to know the Raízes do Mogi Guaçu Program! If you are in the regions of Águas de Lindóia-SP, Bom Reposo-MG, Lindóia-SP, Monte Sião-MG, Munhoz-MG, Senador Amaral-MG, Serra Negra-SP Bueno Brandão and/or Socorro-SP and are interested in recovering and conserving its source, contact Copaíba by WhatsApp: (19) 9 9953-8382.


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