We need more forests!

We need more forests!

Published On: 28 de February de 2019

We must protect our rivers and springs! This is possible through the largest forest restoration project carried out by Copaíba: O Verde Novo!

The Verde Novo Project is sponsored by Petrobras, through the Petrobras Socio-environmental Program and since 2010, until today, it has supported the restoration of 270 hectares of Atlantic Forest in the Peixe and Camanducaia river basins.

This support for forest restoration is carried out through the donation of native seedlings to landowners interested in recovering native forests on their properties. In addition to donating the seedlings, Verde Novo donates the preparation of the project and all technical support before, during and after planting the seedlings.

Who can participate in Verde Novo? are landowners located in the basins of the Rios do Peixe and Camanducaia of the following municipalities: Amparo (SP), Águas de Lindóia (SP), Bueno Brandão (MG), Itapira (SP), Lindóia (SP), Monte Alegre do Sul ( SP), Monte Sião (MG), Munhoz (MG), Pedra Bela (SP), Pinhalzinho (SP), Serra Negra (SP) and Socorro (SP) and Toledo (MG), Santo Antônio de Posse (SP) will be able to participate .

Owners must be willing to voluntarily plant at least 1,000 seedlings in an area of 0.4 ha of land (4 thousand square meters) of their property.

To participate the owner must carry out the registration that is done at Copaíba headquarters. Thus, they will have the opportunity to get to know the seedlings, the work that is carried out and learn more about “Verde Novo”. At the time of registration, the visit to the property is already scheduled to prepare the technical project.
The nursery is located in Estrada Municipal da Pedra Branca, s/n – neighborhood of Visconde do Soutelo / Pedra Branca, Socorro/SP .

The project runs until September 2019! Seize the opportunity!



Join us and help reforest and conserve our forests.


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