City Hall of Socorro – SP signs the adhesion term for the Atlantic Forest Municipal Plan

City Hall of Socorro – SP signs the adhesion term for the Atlantic Forest Municipal Plan

Published On: 2 de March de 2022

City Hall of Socorro signs a Term of Adhesion to review the Municipal Plan for the Conservation and Restoration of the Atlantic Forest with application of the Climatic Lens and launches a new action of Public Consultation on the Environmental Perception of its population.

On February 24, at a meeting of the Municipal Council for the Defense of the Environment - COMDEMA, the Environmentalist Association Copaíba presented the proposal to review the PMMA of the municipality of Socorro, with a view to new opportunities for strategic actions, from the point of view of application of the climate lens that seeks to highlight aspects related to climate change and bring measures to adapt the territory and populations that are more vulnerable to the impacts of a new reality with extreme phenomena that is installed all over the world.

On the occasion Mariana Gianiaki, from the organization's public policy team, presented the technical and methodological subsidies that will guide the entire process, including a new edition of the public consultation on environmental perception, already carried out in the municipality on two other occasions, with support from the SOS Foundation Atlantic forest.

Access and participate in the action between February 24th and May 24th through the link:

With the massive presence of COMDEMA Councilors, the Mayor of Socorro Ricardo Lopes, who signed the Term of Adhesion for the partnership with Copaíba and Mário Mantovani, Institutional Director of the National Association of Municipalities and the Environment (ANAMMA Brasil), were present. one of the main responsible for the approval of the Atlantic Forest Law, enacted in 2006, a federal rule that provides for the preparation of the PMMA and its approval by the Municipal Environment Council.

With the signature of the Term and knowledge of the Council, the process will be conducted by the Public Policies team of the Association, with the support of Marimar and Ambiental Consulting, responsible for several PMMA initiatives.

The next stages of the process will be carried out in a participatory manner, in meetings of the Working Group, within the scope of civil society activities by the Environment, Tourism and Rural Councils and those interested in participating or receiving more information can contact the team through the e-mail: [email protected]

The activities carried out will be published on the Copaíba Environmentalist Association's news page, available at: News – Copaíba (


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