Business Plan of the Copaíba Environmentalist Association is selected by an incubator.

Business Plan of the Copaíba Environmentalist Association is selected by an incubator.

Published On: 23 de November de 2021

The presentation of the 1st Pitch Day held on 11/05 by the Pole of Transformation and Digital Innovation of Circuito das Águas - Water Valley - aimed to offer a chance for innovative ideas and impact for the business world, to obtain resources and support to execute their projects. projects with excellence in the market.

There were 26 entries and eight finalists. And among the three projects selected, two are from the creators of the municipality of Socorro -SP: Digital Portfolio of Carbon Emissions from Copaíba and IPVA Ágil, conceived by a group of friends who are business partners.

For Copaíba, the Digital Carbon Emission Portfolio will be a source of funding that will expand the Environmental Association's ability to offer benefits for the recovery of degraded areas owned by rural landowners, in 19 municipalities in the Peixe and Camanducaia river basins.

In addition to giving greater scale to forest restoration, the Digital Wallet comes as a tool that actively inserts people in the fight against global warming, an urgent and necessary civilizational and humanitarian crisis, which we all have to face together.

With reliable information, the application calculates the carbon emission and facilitates the planting of trees, to neutralize the emission of each person. The user can follow from planting to the growth of their forest and still receive an international carbon credit validation certificate.

On average, today each person emits 9 tons of carbon/year (consumption and displacement), so each of us would need to plant 50 trees/year or 4 trees/month.

“We are breathing in twice as much carbon dioxide as we were 2 decades ago. This emission generates global warming and loss of biodiversity. The lack of forests leaves us without water, energy and food security. One of the most important “technologies” for global cooling is the planting of trees”, justified Lígia.
This sum of efforts and collective resources that will be promoted through the App to be developed by Copaíba, will expand all the activities of the Association, environmental education, public policies, seedling production, in addition to forest restoration.

“The selection of our business plan by an incubator marks another step forward for Copaíba. We are entering the beginning of another stage of transformation of the Association, with opportunities for many other important paths. This is yet another great achievement by Copaíba over 22 years of serious work in the Defense of the Atlantic Forest.” Lígia Soares, fundraiser for Copaíba.

Now the step is to wait for the start of the incubator activities, such as coworking and networking infrastructure, mentoring with professionals from the Polo, renowned guest mentors, international mentoring and funding for the development of the business plan.

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