Rainy season favors forest restoration activities

Rainy season favors forest restoration activities

Published On: 13 de December de 2018

There is a lot to do in the rainy season! Both the production of native seedlings at Viveiro Florestal Copaíba and forest restoration are in full swing. The nursery and field teams do a reinforced job so that the institution fulfills its commitments assumed with employees, partners and financiers.

Recently, two projects carried out by Copaíba that receive financial support from FEHIDRO (State Fund for Water Resources) in São Paulo, started maintenance activities in areas that had already been planted. They are: project “Restoration of riparian forests of springs and watercourses in the Rio do Peixe basin” (contract 292/2014 – MOGI Code 417) and project “Forest restoration of springs and tributary streams of the Rio do Peixe” (Mogi 476 - Agreement No. 186/2015)”.

These two projects together add up to an area of 20 hectares of new forests in formation. Nearly 30,000 seedlings were planted in these areas for the conservation of 13 headwaters of tributary streams of the Rio do Peixe. “The riparian forest plays a great role in the protection of water courses and is a fundamental factor for the preservation of water, in quantity and quality, consequently the benefits of forest restoration carried out on these properties will be shared by the entire microbasin”, comments Ana Paula Balderi , project coordinator.

Copaíba has been carrying out several actions aimed at conserving water resources since 2005. Since then, the institution has maintained around 60 hectares (600 thousand m2) of native forest, in this microbasin alone, where 70 thousand seedlings were planted.


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