Rainy season, ideal for planting seedlings and protecting springs

Rainy season, ideal for planting seedlings and protecting springs

Published On: 30 de December de 2015

The rains of this period are essential for the good development of seedlings in the field. This is the most appropriate time to start forest restoration, be it around springs, on the banks of water courses, hillside areas or hilltops. No matter the location, the important thing is to remember that the rainy season strongly contributes to the success of planting. And this action is essential to guarantee water in quantity and quality.

With the intense drought of the last two years, many springs have diminished or even dried up. This is a result of the lack of native vegetation cover on the ground. It is this vegetation that does the job of protecting and ensuring that the water that comes from the rains can continue in its cycle, slowly infiltrating the soil and supplying the springs.

Copaíba, through its Forest Nursery, produces seedlings of native trees aimed at forest restoration. There are about 100 species of Atlantic Forest trees available.

The seedlings, in the nursery, are sold as a way of contributing to their production. But Copaíba also donates the seedlings and supports forest restoration on properties located in the Peixe and Camanducaia river basins.

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