Copaíba and SOS Mata Atlântica partnership achieves good results

Copaíba and SOS Mata Atlântica partnership achieves good results

Published On: 15 de October de 2015

More than 600 thousand native seedlings were planted in 360 ha (3,600,000m2) of degraded areas

The Copaíba Forest Nursery has been a partner of the Clickarvore Program of Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica for over 10 years. Clickarvore's main objectives are to support initiatives to restore permanent preservation areas (APP) and legal reserves (RL), through the promotion and donation of seedlings of native forest species from the Atlantic Forest; contribute to forest restoration, allowing forests to exercise their ecological functions, in addition to mobilizing civil society to participate in forest restoration projects. To achieve these goals, Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica, with the approval of forest restoration projects, acquires the seedlings from the nurseries.

partners, which will be donated to rural landowners interested in participating in the program.

In all these years, this partnership resulted in the donation of 635 thousand tree seedlings that were planted in 26 properties, and is contributing to the restoration of 3,600,000 m2 of native forests.

Several important forest restoration initiatives were supported by Clickarvore, which are distributed throughout the national territory, within the Atlantic Forest biome.

Our region is very rich in springs and they directly contribute to the water supply to large centers. This region deserves special attention, mainly because of the hilltops and slope areas, as they will help in the recharge of water from these important springs, thus maintaining the quality and quantity of water.

To learn more about the Clickarvore Program, visit the website: You can also receive seedlings for free and contribute to the restoration of the Atlantic Forest.


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