New plantings of seedlings mark the beginning of the rains in the region

New plantings of seedlings mark the beginning of the rains in the region

Published On: 5 de November de 2018

 More than 70,000 seedlings are planned to be planted this season

 With the arrival of the rains, Verde Novo, a project carried out by Copaíba, sponsored by Petrobras, through the Petrobras Socio-environmental Program, resumes planting in partnership with producers and land owners in the region.

This season, more than 70,000 seedlings are planned to be planted. The first ones, this season, were planted in the Mostardas district, in Monte Alegre do Sul. Partner landowner Antonio Rodrigues Bandeira is doing his part to improve the environmental quality of his property and surroundings, planting more than 1000 seedlings of native Atlantic Forest trees on his property.

According to Mayra Tavares, from the Verde Novo project's technical team, the planting will contribute to increasing the coverage of native vegetation and, above all, to increasing biodiversity. “Some small forests already exist on the property, so, in addition to expanding the areas of forest, we are helping to enrich the area with new species that are characteristic of the environment, but which were no longer there”, says Mayra.

Other properties are also helping to form new forests. Mr. Luiz Salomão, manager of the Hotel Guarany Eco Resort, in Monte Sião, MG, was very excited about the recovery planting of degraded areas on the property. There, an area of approximately 130,000 m2 will be restored. Soon this entire area will be full of native trees, helping to protect the soil, water and biodiversity.

How to receive the seedlings and support from Verde Novo?

Registration to participate is open. All landowners and farmers in Socorro and region who are interested in receiving the seedlings and support can contact Copaíba by phone: (19) 99953-8382, or email [email protected].


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