Monitoring today's seedlings guarantees the formation of tomorrow's forest

Monitoring today's seedlings guarantees the formation of tomorrow's forest

Published On: 25 de June de 2018

Planting tree seedlings to form forests is not an easy task. Copaíba, with almost 20 years of experience in this area, has the property to say that. It is slow and costly work. Still, in addition to planting, it is necessary to care for and monitor these seedlings, even after many months.

To closely monitor the development of seedlings planted in the field, the Copaíba team monitors and evaluates the planted areas. It is from there that it is possible to analyze the progress of the forest restoration process, if it is succeeding, if the seedlings need more care, and other actions that can be taken to accelerate the formation of the forest.

Monitoring is continuous, as maintenance needs to be carried out, at least in the first two years after planting the seedlings. Immediately after planting the seedlings, the first steps are to fertilize, control leaf-cutting ants, and crown the seedlings to eliminate the grass.

Several rural properties with Copaíba partnerships are receiving technical visits for this purpose, monitoring and advising after planting. Each property receives, on average, a visit every six months, until completing two years of planting.

Recently, ten more properties received a visit from Copaíba's technical team, in the municipalities of Socorro/SP. These inspected properties, together, add up to the planting of more than 20 thousand native seedlings. The monitoring carried out indicated a good development of the seedlings. This means that these areas are resuming their ecological function and will soon become forests, contributing to the conservation of water, soil, fauna and flora.

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Verde Novo is a project carried out by Copaíba, sponsored by Petrobras, through the Petrobras Socio-environmental Program and is contributing to the restoration of more than 265 hectares (2,650,000 m²) of native forests.

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