Encouragement of young people to forest restoration

Encouragement of young people to forest restoration

Published On: 4 de July de 2019

The scenario of forest restoration is encompassing, giving way to young people active in the area and also young people concerned with environmental issues. A good example of this is Nicole Levy, who with the support of her mother Adriana and her husband Felipe restored part of the place where she always lived with her family.

The biologist got to know the Verde Novo project, carried out by Copaíba, at a seminar organized by the Rural Union of Amparo and then sought to learn more about the project and how it could benefit the property. Nicole says that the severe drought a few years ago reduced the water in the site, so she realized the need to do something to preserve the springs.

More than 1,000 seedlings were planted on the property located in the municipality of Amparo and Nicole wants to plant more “The seedlings were planted by me, my husband and four other friends. Two employees prepared the area and we planted it next to one of the springs on the site, but we still need to protect the other water sources on the property”.

Although the planting took place a short time ago, the biologist emphasizes “We planted the seedlings in January of this year and the result is being faster than I imagined, exceeding expectations and the maintenance of the area is also not complicated. In addition to helping the property, the project also helped to raise the awareness of my friends, who, although they are concerned with environmental issues, are not active in the area and, participating in the planting, were able to understand the restoration processes”.

Nicole is an example to be followed by other young people and also by more landowners in the region who can benefit through Verde Novo. The project is sponsored by Petrobras through the Petrobras Socio-environmental program. Register through site or for more information call (19) 9 9953-8382. Also protect the water on your property.


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