Unprecedented study on forest conservation in the Region is launched by Projeto Verde Novo

Unprecedented study on forest conservation in the Region is launched by Projeto Verde Novo

Published On: 27 de March de 2019

During the Water Week, which is also celebrated as World Forestry Day, the Verde Novo project launched an unprecedented study on forest conservation in the region. The results of the study generated the Technical Report “Importance of forest fragments for the functional connectivity of the Peixe and Camanducaia river basins”, which was presented during the event organized by Copaíba.

The data warn about the critical situation in which the forests of the region are submitted. According to the Coordinator of the Technical Report and the Verde Novo project, Flávia Balderi, the Atlantic Forest in this area is under several threats and 94% of the forest fragments were considered, by the study, as areas of low connectivity potential. “This means that our region is extremely fragmented and that most of the fragments are very isolated from each other. This is very serious, as these fragments are liable to disappear if no conservation action is taken”, explains the coordinator. “Small forests, as well as large areas of native vegetation, need to be protected, given that they are responsible for conserving the rich biodiversity that still exists in the region”.

The study aimed to motivate and guide the implementation of public policies for conservation, restoration and connection of forests in both basins. “Copaíba hopes that this report can support the conservation actions of the institution itself and also of other entities. It was a first step. Now the invitation is made to public bodies in the region, land owners, technicians and professionals in the area, so that we can, together, plan conservation actions in this region”, explains the coordinator of the Verde Novo project, Flávia.

The Technical Report can be found in its entirety for download on here.

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The Verde Novo Project is carried out by the Environmentalist Association Copaíba and is sponsored by Petrobras through the Petrobras Socio-environmental Program. Its objective is to contribute to the restoration and conservation of the Atlantic Forest of the Peixe and Camanducaia river basins, located between the south of Minas Gerais and the east of the State of São Paulo, covering 18 municipalities. By supporting landowners in the region, more than 260 hectares are being restored through the planting of 400,000 seedlings. Through public policy actions and environmental education, Verde Novo seeks to sensitize both rural producers and students living in the region about the importance of conservation and restoration of the Atlantic Forest.


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