Students from Toledo-MG visit Copaíba

Students from Toledo-MG visit Copaíba

Published On: 7 de November de 2016

In the new headquarters, Copaíba's larger space offers different experiences to the students who visit it.

At the beginning of November, Copaíba, as part of its program of monitored visits “Conhecendo a Copaíba” received another new group of young students. This time it was the 8th grade class. year of the State School in the neighborhood of Pereiras, in the neighboring municipality of Toledo/MG.

The students took advantage of the visit to learn about the entire production process of native seedlings at Viveiro Florestal. They were delighted with the diversity of species and were also able to get to know the area in the process of forest restoration within the property. This area is entirely dedicated to environmental protection.

During the tours around the headquarters and nursery, the students got to know the seeds, the fruits, the seedlings in the growing phase and also several trees planted on the property. “There are different stimuli given to them, so that in some way they become aware of the importance of forest conservation. The idea is to bring them as close to nature as possible. The visit provides this connection”, comments the Executive Secretary, Flávia Balderi.

Gradually, the Copaíba team is adapting the physical structures of both the headquarters and the nursery to continue receiving groups of visitors. This environmental awareness work is fundamental for nature conservation.


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