Copaíba's Friendly and Collaborating Companies visit the headquarters and institutional nursery

Copaíba's Friendly and Collaborating Companies visit the headquarters and institutional nursery

Published On: 27 de September de 2017

In the week of celebration of the day of the tree, Copaíba, in order to share with its partners the results of the conquests of the last years, received in its administrative headquarters, the companies Amigas and Collaborators of the institution.

Since the change of headquarters and Viveiro Florestal da Copaíba, in the neighborhood of Pedra Branca, not all partners and friends had the opportunity to get to know the new space. It was for this purpose that the meeting was scheduled. “It was a time to strengthen the relationship with partner companies, to thank them for their contribution and also to show a little of what we have been doing, thanks to their support”, comments Flávia Balderi, Copaíba's executive secretary.

One year after the move, the property's adaptations have already been made for both the administrative headquarters and the forest nursery. There is still a lot of work for the board members and for the Copaíba team. But little by little, the “Espaço Copaíba” is getting better.

During the visit, a quick tour of the headquarters and also of the forest nursery was scheduled. Employees got to know the nursery infrastructure, the seedling production process and also followed a little of the day to day of the executive team.

New meetings will be scheduled and Copaíba is always open to receive its employees and partners.

We thank all the companies that support us: Bioleve, Ecobier, Padaria e Supermercado Sartori, Cabanha Interlagos, Viverde, GFisco Contabilidade, Lindoya Vida, Lavanderia Estância, Campo dos Sonhos, Imobiliária Campos Salles, JMX Brasil, Portal do Sol, Sorvetreze, Pousada Recanto dos Mancás, Arlemcar, Softlog, Language Workshop, Mundo Novo, Jornal O Município, Opera2, Irmãos Preto, Inove, Lindoya Joia, Celular Help, Você Vencedor, Hotel Fazenda M1, Wilson Gás, Socopisos, Giomo Seguros, Beth Baby, Edna Massas, Lindoya Original, Fazenda Boa Vista, Comercial Fruchi, Nata da Serra, Papelaria Costa, Granblocos, Mogiana, Agro Cavaquinho, Logika.


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