World Environment Day: What moment are we living in?

World Environment Day: What moment are we living in?

Published On: 5 de June de 2020

June 05th we celebrate Environment Day! Society arrives on that date with a lit warning sign. Immediate actions are needed to minimize the impacts of today's society on future generations.

The commemorative date brings a meaning of reflection on the situation of our planet: how do we take care of water, land, forests and all biodiversity? Climate change, diseases that affect the world population, environmental tragedies, landslides, strong floods and in a short period of time, followed by disastrous droughts. All these manifestations are consequences of our attitudes or even the lack of them. So just thinking about it is not enough. We need everyone's action in defense of nature, in defense of life.

We have a duty to contribute in some way, to seek together, sustainability and harmony between socioeconomic development and nature conservation.

Our attitudes, no matter how small they seem, can become big when we are consciously working together. Reflections and actions range from what and how much we consume to how we dispose of our waste. In addition, our role as a citizen in demanding compliance with environmental laws must also be part of the list of these actions.

It is up to us to contribute to the elaboration of strategies and to apply solutions, mobilizing society, the public power and also the private initiative in a joint effort to improve the environmental quality in our region.

But even small attitudes in our day-to-day life can strongly help us to change this situation: consume what is necessary, without exaggeration and waste, encouraging local production and small producers; reuse materials; separate garbage for recycling; save resources; respect other forms of life, take care of the land, our garden, plant trees. It's simple.

Get started today! Collaborate for a better world.

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