Dedicate yourself to the Atlantic Forest, be a Copaíba volunteer

Dedicate yourself to the Atlantic Forest, be a Copaíba volunteer

Published On: 10 de June de 2017

Copaíba was born from a small group of volunteers from Socorrhiza concerned with environmental degradation in the Peixe River and region. This group was structured and gave rise to NGOs – Non-Governmental Organizations.

Volunteering, as in many non-profit organizations, has always been important and still permeates a large part of Copaíba's actions. Currently, the institution has several volunteers who collaborate so that the institution fulfills its mission of conserving and restoring the Atlantic Forest of the Peixe and Camanducaia river basins. Of the many Copaíba volunteers, two of them currently work in the seedling production and forest restoration sector.

Volunteer Felipe Moreira de Almeida, 20, a Biology student at FESB – Bragança Paulista Higher Education Foundation, has been working at Copaíba since May this year. He sought the institution, primarily, to complement his studies in the area. “I looked for Copaíba motivated by the Biology course and there, I found something I always liked, “botany”. All the knowledge I'm acquiring helps me in my course and, in the future, will contribute to my professional experience”, says Felipe.

Tiago Queiroz Luciano is also a volunteer at Copaíba. He is a journalist and nature lover. He leaves the city of São Paulo, on his days off, and goes to Socorro to volunteer in the actions he can contribute. Tiago associates his willingness to help with his curiosity to learn more about plants.

Copaíba's volunteer program ranges from students who wish to acquire knowledge in the area of the environment to people from civil society who identify with Copaíba's mission and consequently will contribute to restoring and conserving the Atlantic Forest.

Anyone can become a Copaíba volunteer, whether in the production of seedlings at the Forest Nursery or in the provision of professional services. To register as a Copaíba volunteer, Click here.


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