Copaíba participates in the Camanducaia River Conservation Movement

Copaíba participates in the Camanducaia River Conservation Movement

Published On: 9 de December de 2015

Copaíba was present in the Movement for the preservation of the Camanducaia River that took place last Sunday (06). Residents of Amparo and region mobilized in a manifesto in favor of the conservation and recovery of the Permanent Preservation Areas of this river.

More than 100 people were present in the streets of Amparo participating in this mobilization against the implementation of the Duas Pontes Dam, on the Camanducaia River. Among the participants, residents of the area that may be affected, children, young people, environmental organizations, citizens of Amparo and several other municipalities in the region.

In the project to install the Duas Pontes dam, there are still many inconsistencies, which have generated doubt and controversy among residents of the region, environmental entities and the Public Ministry.

The movement, organized by Núcleo Caetê de Amparo, aimed to alert society about the importance of protecting the sources of the Camanducaia River as a priority action for water conservation, since the installation of the dam is justified by the supply of thousands of people from the Campinas region.


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