Copaíba and other civil society entities publish a manifesto in defense of the environment

Copaíba and other civil society entities publish a manifesto in defense of the environment

Published On: 22 de October de 2018

A group of networks representing thousands of civil society organizations released, this week, a manifesto in defense of the environment. The RMA (Network of NGOs from the Atlantic Forest, representing the Copaiba and more than 200 other environmental institutions) signed this important document to alert Brazilian society and the global community about the concrete and irreversible risks to which they are exposed.

The institutions that sign the document consider that the extinction or weakening of environmental agencies could cause an explosion in deforestation rates and put “at risk four decades of advances in environmental protection”. They also recall that, according to scientists, if the forest clearing exceeds 25% (today it is at 19%), the Amazon could turn into a savannah, which would jeopardize the rainfall regime of a large part of the country.

If that happens, the whole country will suffer, not only because we will irreversibly lose our fauna and flora, with the increase in deforestation, which is already absurdly high.

The organizations reinforce that Brazil's departure from the climate agreement could harm the country's international trade and image, given the growing demands of the market regarding sustainability.

The text also draws attention to the risks of weakening or ending environmental licensing; facilitating the use of pesticides; opening up protected areas to activities with a high environmental impact; and the “end of activism” in the country.

“Environment is serious business. It concerns our quality of life and the world we will leave for our children, whatever our way of thinking, acting and fighting. Its protection is a fundamental right of the entire Brazilian society, constituting a non-partisan agenda. The next President of the Republic has a duty to recognize and commit to protecting society's environmental achievements. It is necessary to move towards the Citizen Constitution; do not depart from it”, warns the manifesto.

read here the document in full.


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