Copaíba and Bioleve carry out educational planting in Águas de Lindóia

Copaíba and Bioleve carry out educational planting in Águas de Lindóia

Published On: 8 de December de 2015

The new seedlings will be part of the EMEIF Dr. Geraldo Mantovani forest

On the 4th (Friday), Copaíba participated in the awarding activities of the BioleveReciclaPet project, carried out by bioleve, a company that is a friend of Copaíba.

This project is carried out together with public schools in the region with the objective of removing PET packaging from household waste, giving this recyclable material an adequate destination. The packages collected are collected by bioleve weekly from participating schools, which accumulate points and these are awarded prizes.

Several schools participate in this action and EMEIF Dr. Geraldo Mantovani of Águas de Lindóia/SP, through director Thais Helena Levoti, chose the recovery of green areas within its facilities as a prize.

Bioleve, in turn, took responsibility for donating the seedlings and preparing the school area for planting. Luís Alberto Tojo Soler (Industrial Director) and Gabriel de Souza Cózaro (Safety and Environment Manager) of bioleve, during the educational planting, congratulated the students and the school. Copaíba's technical team followed the action, represented by the Forest Restoration Coordinator, Ana Paula Balderi and the Environmental Educator Tatiana Oliveira, who instructed the students on the planting of seedlings and the importance of forest restoration in that area.

“Conserving and preserving not only the school’s heritage, but also the environment, is essential for the formation of these children, who will become citizens more committed to environmental causes, and give more value to the place where they live”, comments the educator. environment Tatiana.

Bioleve and Copaíba have been partners for a long time, many seedlings have already been planted through this partnership. Especially for this project, 300 seedlings of trees native to the Atlantic Forest were planted. The educational planting, which is part of the progress of the BioleveReciclaPet project, mobilized the students in the fifth years of the school. Everyone had the opportunity to plant their seedlings inside the school's future grove.

Through this initiative, the students themselves were able to contribute directly to the revitalization of the school's external space, and they were happy to know that in many years from now they will be able to reap the fruits of this attitude of respect for nature.


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