Copaíba celebrates 20 years in defense of the Atlantic Forest and presents the results of the New Green Project

Copaíba celebrates 20 years in defense of the Atlantic Forest and presents the results of the New Green Project

Published On: 31 de January de 2020

Last Thursday, the 23rd, the event held by the Copaíba Environmentalist Association took place at the Estância de Socorro City Council to present the results of the 9 years of the Verde Novo Project sponsored by Petrobras through the Petrobras Socio-environmental program and the commemoration of 20 years of institution.

Mayor João Pinhoni, Petrobras representative Ana Marcela Bergamasco, companies that support Copaíba, Environment Secretaries, representatives of Houses of Agriculture from other municipalities served by the project and Copaíba supporters were also present. The Mayor of Socorro, André Bozola, who also participated in the event, expressed his pride in having Socorro host the institution “Copaíba has gone beyond Socorro's borders and today it is a source of pride for our city. It is nice to see the testimony of the owners who participate in the projects and their conciliation between concern for the environment and rural production”.

In the presentation of the results of Verde Novo, executive secretary of the NGO, Flávia Balderi, showed results achieved by the project in 9 years: more than 1 million seedlings produced, 420 thousand seedlings planted in 270 hectares restored and distributed in 186 properties and more than 10 thousand sensitized people through environmental living activities in 13 municipalities. The partner owners received the certificate of “Plantador de Florestas”, a recognition for the effort to take care of their restored areas or in the process of restoration.

“We are at a very complex moment when it comes to environmental issues and the good of the community and concern for human rights, but the results of the project, the people gathered at the event, everything we do are proof that we have strength, resistance and that we will be able to change the world. And this effort is worth it” comments Flávia Balderi.

Then Tiago Sartori, founder of the institution, recalled the important moments and achievements of Copaíba. “Those 4 young people who came together to make a difference in the world would not have made it if it weren't for the thousands of people who believed in and contributed to Copaíba. All of these people, companies and other institutions made the results we see today possible. We want to continue counting on the support of these people.”

To close the event, singer Pedro Manoel, invited by Copaíba, presented two songs: Pássaro Rei and Vermelhou, music he composed for the institution through the musical project Telha Verde. The event was an important moment to celebrate the achievements of the institution and also to thank all those who somehow help in the fight in defense of the Atlantic Forest. Check out more photos by clicking on here.


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