Copaíba celebrates National Tree Day with educational planting

Copaíba celebrates National Tree Day with educational planting

Published On: 26 de September de 2022

In partnership with Construtora Carraro, the Environmentalist Association Copaíba carried out on September 21, an educational planting with approximately 40 children from the municipal school Profa. Benedicta Geralda de Souza Barbosa, to celebrate Arbor Day.

The children were able to visit the Reserva CARRARO subdivision, the forest restoration area implemented in the last rainy season, to protect springs and streams on the property, and they planted 97 seedlings of native trees forming green areas on the site.

THEin addition to producing fruits, being a shelter for animals, guaranteeing the balance of the planet's temperature, conserving soils and waters, being raw material in the production of many medicines, and so many other functions that fall to it, the tree, we are entirely dependent on your ecosystem services.

Trees are important in rural areas and cities and are essential for the survival of this and future generations, so it is essential that decision-making by companies, people and public managers consider the value of a standing tree. That decision-making consider the preservation of environmental services.

Therefore, on this tree day and in the month of Copaíba’s 23rd anniversary, the Association resumed its educational plantings, an action that mobilized and engaged many children and adolescents in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

The Copaíba Environmental Education Program (PEAC) aims to arouse the interest of children, young people and adults in environmental issues, offering the possibility of participating in actions on the importance of conserving and restoring the Atlantic Forest. We believe that by sharing knowledge, we collaborate with people's awareness and attitude in everyday actions.

Planting a tree as a child is a memory we keep for a lifetime. Knowing this, Copaíba wants to collect these memories in people and is very pleased to have been part of the childhood of many children and young people in Socorro and region.  

The PEAC includes monitored visits, “Experiences” offered to schools, immersion in Copaíba’s routine for people and companies, with volunteering or with the “A day at Copaíba” activity, lectures, courses and, again, the plantations. educational.

Let's plant forests, plant water, plant life!


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