Copaíba presents an environmental diagnosis of Rio do Peixe

Copaíba presents an environmental diagnosis of Rio do Peixe

Published On: 13 de June de 2010

The Copaíba Environmental Association launched the study “Rio do Peixe: environmental status of Permanent Preservation Areas and Threats to the Spring. The study, carried out by Copaíba on the 147 km of the Peixe River, shows that most of the Permanent Preservation Areas of the Rio do Peixe have uses that are unfavorable to their conservation. This serves as a warning to the population and public power.

The study also aims to encourage all segments of civil society and public power, "bathed" by the Peixe River, to have eyes and commitment in favor of the conservation and recovery of this important and still beautiful regional heritage of Minas Gerais and São Paulo .

The project “Rio do Peixe – situation of permanent preservation areas and threats to the spring” was financed by Fehidro (State Water Resources Fund) and with the support of Bioleve, Gabriel Sulla, Portal do Sol, Sartori Supermarket and CBH- Mogi.

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Environmental Status of the Rio do Peixe APPs


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