Copaíba bets on PMMA for restoration, conservation and adaptation to climate change, in the Atlantic Forest of Mantiqueira.

Copaíba bets on PMMA for restoration, conservation and adaptation to climate change, in the Atlantic Forest of Mantiqueira.

Published On: 11 de January de 2022

The Association offers technical and institutional support to the city halls of the municipalities in which it operates, for the elaboration of the Atlantic Forest Municipal Plan with the Climatic Lens, collaborating to achieve global goals in the climate, biodiversity and sustainable development agendas.

In 2022, the municipalities that make up the Association's area of operation will receive technical and institutional support for the elaboration of the PMMA's in accordance with the Atlantic Forest Law, Convention on Biological Diversity and the Edinburgh Declaration, further supporting the implementation of the goals of the NDCs Brazilian companies, provided for in the Paris Agreement.

A letter of presentation of the initiative was sent to the municipalities, explaining the procedures of the process that will have the support of a team of specialists, with experience in the participative elaboration of these instruments, in several municipalities, especially in the states of Minas Gerais and São Paulo.

According to the Atlantic Forest Law (Federal Law 11,428/2006), the Plan instrument must be approved within these bodies, which favors and strengthens local governance over the definition of strategic and priority actions and their effective implementation, through of the instituted PMMA.

Environmental quality reflects the quality of life of our territories and populations, helps to maintain the climate and adapt people and their livelihoods, planning important measures, within a new climate perspective.

Each Citizen has his responsibility, from the election of good public managers to the supervision of their activities, in the exercise of their attributions. The Municipal Environment Council is the legitimate space for the citizen to act in this inspection and the Urn to choose the best public managers.

The Copaíba Association strengthens this movement and invites citizens who understand this importance with us to participate in the construction of this participatory local public policy, moving their City Hall, City Council and Municipal Environment Council in this direction.

The municipalities covered in the State of São Paulo are: Itapira, Pedreira, Jaguariúna, Holambra, Amparo, Santo Antônio de Posse, Serra Negra, Lindóia, Águas de Lindóia, Socorro, Monte Alegre do Sul, Pinhalzinho and Pedra Bela. In Minas Gerais, the municipalities within the area of operation are: Monte Sião, Bom Repouso, Senador Amaral, Munhoz and Toledo

The Biodiversity Plans with the Climate Lens (PMMA in the municipalities in the Atlantic Forest biome) are fundamental for maintaining the quality of life of our communities, because they define strategic actions for the biodiversity of our municipalities and their many environmental services that support the way of life , customs and economic activities, as we know them today. The greatest emphasis on this instrument is given to its participatory nature, which privileges the adoption of measures that are actually constructed and approved, according to the interests of society, within the scope of Municipal Environmental Councils.

More information about the action, write to:

Mariana Gianiaki

Public Policies Copaíba [email protected]


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