Copaíba supports forest restoration in Munhoz/MG

Copaíba supports forest restoration in Munhoz/MG

Published On: 28 de December de 2017

The São Roque neighborhood in Munhoz/MG will soon have a new native forest forming. The initiative is from the Copaíba Environmentalist Association, which is supporting forest restoration in the region.

This time the planting took place at Sítio do Espraiado, owned by Fabrício Duarte, who is a partner in Verde Novo, a project carried out by Copaíba, sponsored by Petrobras, through the Petrobras Socio-environmental Program.

The period is appropriate. The rains contribute to the good development of the seedlings, which will grow quickly and, in approximately two years, will become small trees. The seedlings, donated by Copaíba, were planted around a spring. “Native vegetation around springs contributes to better water infiltration into the soil, favoring continuous water recharge from the mine. Thus, even in periods of drought, the water may even reduce, but there is less risk of drying up”, explains Flávia Balderi, coordinator of the Verde Novo project.

In total, more than 1,000 seedlings of trees native to the Atlantic Forest were planted. Small plantations, carried out in partnership with landowners, are essential for the recovery of native forests in the region. Thanks to the support that Copaíba is offering, in addition to the dedication of rural landowners, many forests will be formed.

By the end of 2019, 150,000 tree seedlings will be planted in partnership with landowners. Registration to receive this support is open.

How to participate

Landowners in the region interested in recovering the forests on their properties can contact Copaíba to receive support. Registration is done at the institution's headquarters. A visit is scheduled for evaluation and elaboration of the technical project. After evaluating the area, Copaíba technicians also offer guidance before, during and after planting, making several visits to the property.

The seedlings are delivered already fertilized, avoiding this cost to the owner. In addition to seedlings, Copaíba also offers inputs to help planting, such as hydrogel and ant-killer, to control ants.

Contact can be made by phone (19) 99953-8382 or by email to [email protected], or at the institution's headquarters, located in the Pedra Branca/Visconde do Soutelo neighborhood, in Socorro – SP.


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