Copaíba supports another forest restoration in Lindóia/SP

Copaíba supports another forest restoration in Lindóia/SP

Published On: 15 de March de 2017

Another 6,000 seedlings planted in the Rio do Peixe basin

The Copaíba Environmental Association, with its mission to conserve and restore the Atlantic Forest of the Peixe and Camanducaia river basins, has supported several forest restoration initiatives throughout the region.

This time, a new property in Lindóia is receiving the seedlings destined to restore more than 28,000 m2 of forest. The area in the process of forest restoration belongs to “Água Joia de Lindóia”, a mining and water distribution company in the municipality. 6,000 seedlings of trees native to the Atlantic Forest are being planted.

The initiative came from the company's partners, seeking to conserve the water recharge areas and their surroundings, from where the water is collected. Forest recovery aims to protect the property's springs.

The trees planted there will form the riparian forests and hillside forests, essential vegetation that guarantees the quantity and quality of water. These forests are responsible for the infiltration of rainwater into the soil, which gradually supplies the natural water reservoirs. In addition, this vegetation prevents soil erosion and silting of water courses.

Forest restoration of properties in the region is essential for the conservation of the basin as a whole. “The sum of these actions reflects directly on the quality of the water in our region and everyone benefits from it”, comments the coordinator of the Copaíba Forest Restoration, Ana Paula Balderi.

Forest restoration in this area is also supported by the Clickarvore Program of Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica. The seedlings that leave the Copaíba Forest Nursery for planting are donated through this program.


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