PACTO coordination discusses and monitors the main actions of the movement

PACTO coordination discusses and monitors the main actions of the movement

Published On: 16 de August de 2017

On August 15, at the SOS Mata Atlântica Forestry Experiments Center, in Itu/SP, a meeting with representatives of the institutions that make up the Coordinating Council of the PACTO for the Restoration of the Atlantic Forest took place.

At the meeting, the current status of the movement's actions, as well as the actions carried out by the working groups composed of members, were presented and discussed.

Copaíba has been a signatory to the Pact for eight years and currently represents the RMA (Atlantic Forest NGOs Network) within the Pact Coordination. Ana Paula Balderi, Forest Restoration Coordinator, represents the institution in these forums.

For Copaíba it is important to be following and participating in the movement, since the Pact has wide articulation in the forest restoration sector. “It is always very productive to participate in Pact meetings, in addition to strengthening contact and relationships with the different segments of the forest restoration chain, it is a channel for updating and great knowledge on this topic”, comments Ana Paula.

The Pact – A movement by Brazilian society to restore and transform its most threatened biome

Inspired by its beauty and importance, and due to the urgency of saving this endangered biome, in 2006 the idea arose of joining efforts, integrating them into a solid and coherent movement and, from there, creating synergies between all the actors working with forest restoration in Atlantic forest.

Finally, after much preliminary work, the Atlantic Forest Restoration Pact was officially launched on April 7, 2009.


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