Buy seedlings native to the Atlantic Forest at Viveiro da Copaíba

Buy seedlings native to the Atlantic Forest at Viveiro da Copaíba

Published On: 28 de July de 2023

Would you like to attract more pollinating bees to your production?

Or who knows how to help the source of your property to have more water again?

It is also possible to attract fauna and start to see several species of animals never seen before.

And the sun has come out in full force. How nice it would be to have shade in the backyard, wouldn't it?

There are many good reasons that lead us to think about having trees on our sidewalks, in the backyards of our homes, in our farms and farms, in the squares and parks of our cities, in short, sharing our day to day with them is always better.

 What perhaps not everyone knows is that there are species that are native to our region and that when choosing to plant a tree, it is important to opt for a native seedling, as this will influence the preservation of biodiversity, the balance of the ecosystem and guarantee that this seedling will be adapted to local conditions. We are located in the Atlantic Forest, a tropical rainforest that stretches from Rio Grande do Norte to Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, and it is estimated that there are between 15,000 to 20,000 species of plants in this corridor of the Atlantic biome. This richness of plant biodiversity is the result of the diversity of habitats and the varied climatic conditions along the length of the forest.

Another important characteristic of the trees are the classifications that can be attributed to them and, with that, they are better chosen for their destination locations. Here at Copaíba, some of the classifications we use are: honey, fruit, medicinal, ornamental, urban forestry, fauna attractive, species that help in the conservation of springs, etc. In this way, by understanding the need for the area or the interest for planting, we are able to indicate the best species of trees native to our region for each client or area of ecological restoration projects.

 If you are interested in having a new tree in your home, even hundreds of them on your site, you can contact the Copaíba Forestry Nursery. We work with more than 130 species native to the Atlantic Forest in our region and have a production capacity of 500,000 seedlings/year. We currently have more than 80 species ready for removal, such as the melliferous Caliandra, Araçá da Serra and Gabiroba, the fruit trees Bauna, Jabuticaba and Jatobá, those indicated for urban afforestation such as Ipê Amarelo, Lixa and Pau-alligator, as well as endangered species. such as Paraná Pine and Sassafras Cinnamon. The price per seedling starts at R$3.50 and there are progressive discounts depending on the total number of seedlings. The sale and collection are made at our headquarters located on Estrada Municipal da Pedra Branca, s/n, in the Visconde de Soutelo neighborhood, in Socorro/SP, and you can contact us via WhatsApp: 19 99953 8382.

 Acquiring and planting native seedlings is a direct contribution to the conservation and restoration of the Atlantic Forest and to the promotion of a more sustainable and healthy future for all.


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