Areas undergoing restoration are monitored

Areas undergoing restoration are monitored

Published On: 5 de February de 2016

Since its foundation, Copaíba has already started the forest restoration of more than 3,000,000 m2 of Atlantic Forest. This all happens through projects that are developed by the institution, with the support of various sources of sponsorship and funding.

All these areas undergoing restoration need to be monitored and receive constant maintenance. For this, it is necessary to control the leaf-cutting ants, crown around the planted seedlings, brush the competing grass between the planting lines, fertilize the seedlings when necessary, in short, it is essential to take care of these seedlings, contributing to their good development in the field.

One of the areas being monitored is located at Fazenda Santo Antonio, in the Lavras de Cima neighborhood, in Socorro/SP – Rio do Peixe basin. The surroundings of several springs and the banks of some streams, in this property, are being recovered. 12,600 seedlings were planted there, which now grow and develop to form a new 10-hectare forest (100,000 m2).

This work is part of the project “Restoration of riparian forests of springs and water courses in the Rio do Peixe basin”, approved by the Mogi Guaçu River Basin Committee, with FEHIDRO resources (contract 292/2014 – MOGI Code 417 ).


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