Global warming – what do we have to do with it?

Global warming – what do we have to do with it?

Published On: 14 de October de 2021

We all contribute to the emission of greenhouse gases!
We are harming the protective layer of planet Earth, the Ozone Layer.

Help reverse this situation!

This layer filters much of the most dangerous ultraviolet rays emitted by the Sun.
Violet rays are harmful to human beings. They can cause skin cancer, damage to vision and the immune system, and premature aging. In addition to causing environmental imbalances.

Due to our unconscious consumption and production of: objects and packaging, waste generation, use of aerosols, burning of fossil fuels, transport, consumption of electricity, operation of industries, fires and deforestation to increase livestock and monocultures, mining , etc.

Examples are:
EXTINCTION OF SPECIES: With the reduction of native forest, 60% of the species of fauna and flora are under some degree of threat of extinction. This makes it difficult for future generations to survive.
And it causes the appearance of diseases still unknown to man.

FOOD SCARCITY: Agricultural crops are directly affected by extreme weather events, drought, storms, extreme heat, frost, etc.
Raising food prices and worsening FOOD INSECURITY.

POLLUTION: Increase in people with respiratory problems, especially where there is a high concentration of polluting gases.

DESERTIFICATION: The drought worsens, causing water, food and energy insecurity. Which also jeopardizes the economy.

MIGRATION AND POVERTY: Low productivity increases unemployment and decreases income, increases poverty and migration in search of income and quality of life.

RISK TO HUMAN RIGHTS: Increase in homeless families living on the streets, with malnutrition, occupying areas vulnerable to floods and landslides.
Worsening social inequality and increased vulnerability to crime.

Plant trees and help reverse the climate crisis that puts humanity at risk.

And that we all, together, must face, with emergency!!!
We are all connected and we all have this duty, if we want to have more quality of life!

Support ecological restoration, with only 20.00, you make a difference.

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