Planting the difference!

Planting the difference!

Published On: 9 de November de 2020

With the Raízes do Mogi Guaçu Program, we are planting a difference for our region! The program is the result of a partnership between International Paper, WWF-Brasil and local partners that make its execution possible.

Together with the regional owners of the Mogi Guaçu River basin, the Program Mogi Guaçu roots recovers degraded areas in order to increase the water supply of properties and the region as a whole. As well as all the benefits that forests generate, such as lowering temperatures, attracting bees, habitat for wild animals, increased biodiversity, among others.

The Copaíba Environmentalist Association is one of the executors of the Program in the Rio do Peixe Basin. According to Mayra Flores Tavares, Copaíba's Restoration Coordinator, since Copaíba began implementing the pilot program, it has helped restore 12.5 hectares, in partnership with 6 landowners, protecting 13 springs. And we hope that many more owners will be part of the change and be part of the program!

David Tassara, a rural owner in the municipality of Socorro, has been part of the program since 2019 and has restored 1.64 hectares with the planting of 3,390 seedlings, with support from the Program Mogi Guaçu roots. According to Davi, “the benefit of the program is direct, as it enables the preservation and recovery of fundamental areas to maximize production in a sustainable way”, noting that, for him, the support offered by the program made it possible to carry out the ecological restoration on his property the most. was the technical guidance and supply of native seedlings.

In this rainy season, the planting of phase 2 of the Program will begin! Copaíba invites all those interested in protecting waterways and forming new forests to get to know the Raízes do Mogi Guaçu Program! If your property belongs to Águas de Lindóia-SP, Bom Reposo-MG, Lindóia-SP, Monte Sião-MG, Munhoz-MG, Senador Amaral-MG, Serra Negra-SP and/or Socorro-SP and you are interested in recovering and conserve its source, contact Copaíba via Whatsapp: (19) 9 9953-8382.


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