The challenges of being an organic coffee producer and caring for nature

The challenges of being an organic coffee producer and caring for nature

Published On: 25 de June de 2019

For 10 years, the Verde Novo project has been restoring areas in several municipalities in the region. And by knowing the properties to be reforested, you also know the history of the owners and the reason why they sought the project. In the midst of so many experiences, the concern of the owner Silvia Fontes with nature is yet another inspiring story to be told.

The organic coffee producer went through many challenges, came from São Paulo in early 2016 to manage the farm that she had owned for more than 26 years and worked with several conventional crops of vegetables and legumes, but ended up giving up due to the difficulty and competitiveness of the market. . Faced with what would be a problem, Silvia sought information, participated in fairs, meetings, took courses focused on organic production and after so much research and search for knowledge, at the end of 2016 she became an organic producer. In 2017, it obtained its certification, and became the first organic coffee producer in Serra Negra.

But Silvia realized that the property still lacked something that was essential for production: native forest! Having a forest close to the crop enriches the soil, prevents erosion and helps to increase and maintain the biodiversity of the place, which ends up favoring the ecological balance and consequently the control of pests. “The biggest challenge of being an organic producer is learning to identify what the plant needs and what resources and care are needed without affecting the environment and the quality of the coffee.”, comments Silvia.

More than 1,000 native seedlings were planted on Silvia's property - trees of different species including honey and fruit, which will benefit not only the plantation but also the neighbor's honey production, which in the future will place bee boxes between the lines of the plantation, improving honey production and helping to pollinate coffee flowers.

Although organic production requires more time and care, Silvia encourages landowners to plant and participate in the Verde Novo project: “Today there are technologies that help us to have quality coffee and there are different types of fertilization for organic production, before and after harvest, as well as state-of-the-art equipment. On my property I do ecological drip irrigation. We need to work on joint awareness so that producers understand the importance of forests for all types of production, especially organic. Having a forest on my property is making a difference”, explains the producer.

Thanks to the support of Verde Novo sponsored by Petrobras through the Petrobras Socioambiental program, many landowners have already benefited, recovering their water sources and protecting the banks of streams and rivers on the properties. To find out more, go to site you can benefit your property and crop as well.


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