Monte Sião and Projeto Verde Novo sign a partnership for forest restoration and environmental experience in schools in the municipality

Monte Sião and Projeto Verde Novo sign a partnership for forest restoration and environmental experience in schools in the municipality

Published On: 25 de July de 2019

Executed by Copaíba, the Verde Novo project works for the restoration and conservation of the Atlantic Forest of the Rio do Peixe and Camanducaia basins. Monte Sião is one of the municipalities that is in the project's area of operation and concerned with the conservation of springs and soil, the Mayor of the city José Pocai, together with the Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Environment Ernesto Gottardello and the Secretary of Education Michele Basaglia, were in a meeting this week with the Environmental Education and Forest Restoration team of the Verde Novo project.

The main focus of the conversation was the possibility of partnerships for the restoration of forests on rural properties with springs and for carrying out environmental education work with children from rural schools in the region. The first actions have already been outlined and lectures with the region's owners and environmental education activities are scheduled for the first week of August. “The work carried out by the project is in line with what the municipality of Monte Sião seeks to carry out in schools and properties in the region. We intend to make environmental education reach schools for students and parents, to encourage environmental restoration” Ernesto comments.

“Our intention is to work with children's awareness at the same time as the presentation of the Verde Novo Project to landowner parents in rural districts of the municipality. This integration of generations is important, as we will be working in a common environment and for a common good, which is the restoration of the region's forests. The knowledge and importance of conserving forests must be worked on with the children who will be the heirs of these lands and will be able to support the decisions and work of their parents“ adds Mirella Cultrera, environmental educator of the project.

Nutritionist Isabele also participated in the meeting and important information such as food involving native species of the Atlantic Forest, will be present in the activities carried out by the nutritionist involving environmental education. Everyone is excited and excited about the results of this partnership.

The Verde Novo project is sponsored by Petrobras through the Petrobras Socio-environmental program and operates in more than 14 municipalities between Sul de Minas and Leste Paulista. Learn more about the project that has already benefited many properties in the region, access the site from the project.


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