Copaíba honors victims of Covid-19 with tree planting

Copaíba honors victims of Covid-19 with tree planting

Published On: 12 de December de 2020

The Copaíba Environmental Association, from Socorro-SP, is one of the institutions that are part of the Bosque da Memória Campaign, which aims to plant trees across the country, in honor of the victims of Covid-19 and the health professionals who are in the area. front line of the fight against the disease.

“We planted 50 seedlings in an area, in the Copaíba RPPN, in honor of the victims of the Camanducaia and Peixe river basins and also in gratitude to everyone who is committed to saving lives in this pandemic period. It is a symbolic gesture, of hope in this moment of great sadness, with the loss of many dear people”, highlights the restoration coordinator, Ana Paula Balderi.

The launch of the Bosques da Memória campaign, held on December 12, should also mark the beginning of the Decade of Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030, celebrated by the UN.

The reforestation campaign and symbolic gesture of homage is a joint promotion of the Atlantic Forest NGO Network (RMA), the Atlantic Forest Biosphere Reserve (RBMA) and the Atlantic Forest Restoration Pact.

The initiative is developed in a participatory and collaborative way and is open to people and institutions interested in implementing new forests or contributing to the campaign in any way.

Bosque da Memória has a partnership with entities such as the Association in Defense of the Paraná River, Afluentes and Mata Ciliar – Apoena and the Mico-Leão-Dourado Association – AMLD.


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