Copaíba and Cine Cavaliere Orlandi, together for the restoration of the Atlantic Forest

Copaíba and Cine Cavaliere Orlandi, together for the restoration of the Atlantic Forest

Published On: 1 de March de 2018

The Atlantic Forest gains a partner and the contributors of Copaíba gain benefits

Copaíba gained a new partner: Cine Cavaliere Orlandi is now a Copaíba Friendly Company and adds strength to the other 38 companies in the region that support this initiative.

Copaíba Friendly Companies contribute to the conservation and restoration of the Atlantic Forest. It is through this Program that Copaíba is able to support landowners for the recovery of native forests in the region, contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of many people.

An example of this is the more than 200 springs that are being recovered. Many of them were drying up, and today, they already have the water back. Many families benefit from this initiative, as the recovery of these areas is linked to the conservation of the soil, animals, plants, and also the agricultural and livestock productivity of the properties. And it is thanks to institutional projects, and the support of taxpayers (individuals) and “Friendly Companies”, that this is possible.

With this new partnership, everyone wins – more forests will be restored, more people benefited, more socio-environmental responsibility and more benefits also for Copaíba contributors, the “Friends of Nature”. All taxpayers, in addition to helping to restore the Atlantic Forest, now have a 50% discount on the entrance to Cine Cavaliere Orlandi.

For Copaíba, this partnership with Socorro cinema was very important. “The gain from this exchange goes far beyond strengthening Copaíba's environmental actions or improving the image of the supporting company. There is a social gain in allowing these actions to have greater scope and reach more people. And it is at this moment that socio-environmental responsibility is realized”, comments Flávia Balderi, Executive Secretary of Copaíba.

For Cine Cavaliere Orlandi, which has been committed to more sustainable actions, from recycling garbage to using alternative energy sources, it was an important step to establish a partnership with Copaíba. “We have an environmental concern. We opt for actions that contribute to the improvement of our environment. We installed photovoltaic panels here and today, we are the first cinema powered by solar energy. And now, by supporting Copaíba, we also contribute to the conservation of forests, soil and water”, says Rina Orlandi Marchese, one of the partners and administrators of the cinema.

The program

In the Copaíba Support Program, every financial contribution made to the institution is transformed into planted seedlings. The sum of these values generates the planting of approximately 12 thousand seedlings per year. These seedlings are being planted on rural properties in the Peixe and Camanducaia river basins. These are degraded areas that are being covered by forests.

Today, there are 39 companies and around 200 contributors who help in the continuity of this work. To date, more than 40 hectares are being recovered through this action. This represents an area equivalent to 40 football fields.

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