Copaíba defined its vision for 2023

Copaíba defined its vision for 2023

Published On: 25 de June de 2018

After two days full of activities, discussions and plans, Copaíba defined its new vision for the year 2023. The planning meeting was facilitated by the counselor and founder of Copaíba, Tiago Sartori, and collaborator Marina Franco, who led the activities in a dynamic and pleasant way for the group. “speaks of Marina”, comments Marina.

Annually, the institution gathers its employees to review or plan new actions to be carried out. However, the last planning meeting of this group was held in 2016, when efforts were focused on planning and adapting the newly acquired headquarters at the time. After almost three years, the meeting was significant and guides Copaíba's actions for the next five years.

In addition to defining the vision for both the executive team and the Board of Directors, planning meetings contribute to strengthening the group. “It is in these moments that we align who we are, what we have done and what we intend to be. This enriches the group and strengthens our purpose”, comments Flávia Balderi, Copaíba's Executive Secretary.

The participation of each was important. For Bernadete B. de Moraes Santos, nurseryman, a lot was learned, including the history of Copaíba and its landmarks. “It was very interesting to participate in this process. We were able to make a decision together, both staff and directors. I felt that we are all in the same boat together.”

Jayson Pelatieri, Copaíba's field coach, considered it a privilege to have participated in the institution's planning. “I was thrilled with the involvement of everyone, both staff and directors, and optimistic about the decision we made and a clearer vision of what we intend for the future”, adds Pelatieri.

Now, the next step is to define the strategic objectives for the institution to achieve its vision.

The vision

Copaíba, in 2023, wants to be recognized as an organization that:

– It is a reference in the restoration of the Atlantic Forest and in the production of native seedlings;
– It works effectively in environmental education and in public policies linked to the institutional mission;
– It is an example of environmental sustainability, with a welcoming and inspiring space.



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